Friday, April 9, 2010

AB006 Abaya Piping White Stone

Size: available in all size
Price: RM 220.00

limited edition


  1. Salam Kak Sahara. Congratulations kak for starting this abaya business. I'm glad that now we have a local abaya maker with designs as good as abayat from Dubai. It would be nice if you could include the type of material you use for making the abaya because customers sometimes very selective.

    p/s: I love this design. the cutting looks like umbrella cutting. very flowy and ladylike.

  2. salam kakchik...thanks for ur support...skrg nie..akk tgh cri kain y sesuai tuk wat abaya cm dr dubai 2.....kain jnis 2 ssh nk dpt,skrg nie supplier dr korea tgh crik kain tue...myb..dlm 2 mggu bru dpt taw..lg pon akk nk wat abaya y org kite mmpu beli..akk nyer target.. nk jd kn malaysia negara slh satu pengeluar abaya y setanding dgn abaya2 luar negara...terutamanya dubai..buat mse nie ,kebnykn abaya akk mengunakn kain jnis tricotin kain dia agak jatuh n x berape pns..



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